• Running Light

      £18.00 £15.00


      1. Light in weight: The micro-size design allows you to clip it to your waistband, bicep, and wrist.
      2. No Switches, or Batteries
      3. Requires Minimal Movement to Work
      4. IPx8 Waterproof: Durable during Rainy Nights
      5. Durability: Altogether it’s a Durable, substantial & safe for night time safety.
      6. Customisable with Any Band or Loop
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    • Hello Kitty Lunch Bag

      £7.00 £5.00


      • Product Height: 23.5 Centimetre
      • Product Width: 23.7 Centimetre
      • Product Depth: 8.5 Centimetre
      • Product Weight: 0.144 Kilogram
      • Material: Polyester
      • Colour: Pink
      • Type: Lunch bag
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    • Rechargeable Portable Battery -20,000 mAh

      £30.00 £25.00

      Designed to charge most Handheld Devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players, GPS, Game console or other USB Powered Devices. It is equipped with Dual USB ports with the powerful capacity of 20,000mAh allows you to charge your devices simultaneously. In-built smart IC technology will adjust the power automatically, so your device will always charge at the constant speed.


      1. The power booster has 20000mAh capacity with rapid charging abilities to fill up the empty batteries of your devices quickly.
      2. Super compact, travel-ready, and ultra-portable construction.
      3. Recharge from any wall charger, car charger with included micro USB- charge cable.
      4. Compatible with Smartphones/Tablets/Smart watches/Headphones/Digital cameras/Game console and USB chargeable devices.
      5. Perfect for backpacks or on-the-go.

      Technical specification:

      Capacity 20000mAh
      Compatibility Smarphones/Tablets/Smart watches/Headphones/Digital cameras/Game console and USB chargeable devices.
      Model No.: PN-969
      Color: Black


      Warranty: 12 months limited warranty

      Certification:CE, FCC, ROHS certified

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    • 3 in1 Car Mount /Safety Hammer/Seat belt cutter

      £19.99 £15.99

      The Magnetic travel mount with windshield suction pad designed with “Emergency Tool” to help you in case of an accident. The one-step magnetic mounting system allows you to place and remove your device with one hand. 360 degree rotation, make sure that you can keep your eyes on the road instead of fumbling around with your smartphone.


      1. Safety hammer is an emergency life saving tool,which helps you to escort in case of emergency or doors get looked.
      2. Safety Belt Cutter helps to cut the seat belt if it gets jammed or not able to untie the belt.
      3. Rotate (360 degree) according to your ease .
      4. Adhesive suction Pad.

      General Information:

      Model No. BM2220
      Color Black


      Warranty: 12 months limited warranty

      Certification:CE, FCC, ROHS certified

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